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Hackleton Pre-School Playgroup

Ofsted Registered Sessional Daycare Provider

"Children are making good progress in their learning and enjoy the welcoming, calm atmosphere. The effectiveness of the setting's engagement with parents and carers is outstanding."

source: Ofsted 2011

DfES Number: 547007
Reg Charity: 1016388

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Hackleton School
Early Years Funding Ofsted


where children learn to live, laugh, thrive and grow


Welcome to Hackleton Playgroup where

“Children learn to live, laugh, thrive and grow”

We hope that you will find the atmosphere at Hackleton Playgroup both stimulating and homely and that your child will be happy here. We also hope that you, as parents, will become involved in all aspects of this group.

Please do not hesitate to ask any member of staff or the committee if you have any questions or problems. We pride ourselves in having common sense and discretion when dealing with family matters. 
All the staff at Hackleton Preschool



Hackleton Pre-School Playgroup has been open since October 1966, and some of our parents and staff came here themselves when they were youngsters! Hackleton Playgroup is a member of the “Pre-School Learning Alliance” (P.L.A), and has adopted the P.L.A. Constitution. This gives the group charitable status. We are a parent-managed group and follow the guidelines advised by the P.L.A. and Social Services. The committee and helpers raise all the funds needed by the Playgroup. We are also registered with the Northamptonshire Early Years Development and Childcare Partnership. This means we follow the Early Learning Goals guidelines, and are inspected by OFSTED. We can offer free places to three and four year olds whose birthdays fall on or before the deadline date. We have adopted a range of P.L.A. policies which cover the following areas:
Admission, administering of medicines, complaints, behaviour management, child protection, confidentiality, safety, health and hygiene, equal opportunities, non-collection of children, parental involvement, selecting play equipment and toys, diet, settling in pre-school, special needs, staffing and employment.

A copy of these policies is available in the entrance hall and parents are welcome to view and request a copy to borrow. Certificates of registration and Insurance are on display.


Our address is:


The Dudley Winterbottom Memorial Hall, Chapel Lane, Hackleton,
Northampton, NN7 2AH. Telephone Number: 01604 870893 or 

Mobile Number: 07902286411


For Admissions please call Alison Benson/Jo Smith on 07561 509635


Sessions / Holidays


Details of our sessions can be found in the "About Us". We usually follow the same holidays/days off as Hackleton Primary School. These dates can be found under the "Term Dates" section. 



Fees are currently £3.50 an hour, which is payable in advance each half term or at the beginning of each week. As we are a self-supporting group, these fees cover the salaries of all practitioners, hall rent and other general running costs, and are agreed by the committee. If there has to be any increase, you will be given prior notice. Lunch club is £1.75 for half an hour.


Nursery Education Grants can be accepted at all sessions.

If your bill is not paid within four weeks, your child’s place may be withdrawn.


Admission Policy

To comply with Social Services regulations, a child can be accepted into the Playgroup when he/she is 2 years and 6 months old. This is dependent on places being available, as we are allowed a maximum of 38 children. Children will be offered the maximum sessions available at the time of registering. We welcome and encourage pre-visits from parents and children. Most children “settle-in” quickly. To help with this we assign children to a group with a key worker.



It is advisable to register your child as early as possible by contacting the Playgroup Manager or Chairperson. However, our policy is not to accept an application before the child is 18 months old. You will be given an application form, and informed of a start date. A pre-visit will also be organised so that your child has a chance to meet the staff and children. We charge a voluntary payment of £15.00 administration fee, this guarantees your place, includes a ‘taster’ session(s) and a Bookbag for your child.


We take every reasonable precaution to ensure that your child is safe at all times. To comply with fire regulations, all staff members and regular helpers are made aware of the fire drill procedure (displayed in our parent’s information folder), and the drill is practised once per half term and recorded in the drill book. We operate a no smoking policy.



We ask parents/carers to fill out a child profile booklet before the child starts and inform the Playgroup Manager of any allergies or health problems. If your child has an infectious disease, please tell the Playgroup Manager and keep your child at home until he/she is well again. Parents must give prior written permission to the supervisor in order to administer any medication. Please do not bring in any child who has been vomiting or had diarrhoea until at least 48 hours have elapsed since the last attack. All members of staff will have a First Aid Certificate or be working towards obtaining one.


Community Involvement

We liaise with Hackleton Primary School, Preston Hedge's Primary School and  other local Primary Schools and during their final term at Playgroup, we invite the reception teachers to come and meet the children, and they go for a visit to the school. We have various visitors from professional organisations, and we are grateful for their support, and also for the invaluable support of the community of Hackleton, Horton, Piddington and Wootton who help us greatly with our fund-raising events. We encourage students from Caroline Chisholm and Roade Secondary School and the Northampton Girls School to participate in work experience, and this is thoroughly enjoyed by all.


Outdoor Play Area

We are currently undergoing a review of our outside area. Please come and have a look round to see what is available outside.


Craft Activities

A variety of craft activities are available each day, where the children can colour with chalks, crayons and felt tip pens, create collages, and make the craft activity of the day. Aprons are provided for messy activities to protect the children’s clothing.



Instruction in Reading, Writing and Numbers

We, at the Playgroup, work towards the “Early Years Foundation Stages”. The six areas of learning are: -
1. Personal, social and emotional development.
2. Communication, language and literacy.
3. Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy.
4. Knowledge and understanding of the world.
5. Physical development.
6. Creative development.

We can provide more details on these areas if required. A lot of our activities help with reading, writing and numbers. A selection of books is always available to stimulate an interest in reading. We share nursery and number rhyme songs and dances, play sorting, matching and counting games, tracing patterns etc. We encourage children to hold pencil/scissors correctly and to label their pictures appropriately, that is by using lower case letters where appropriate (eg. “John” rather than “JOHN”), this familiarises them with the techniques used at school. A computer is also available for the children to learn mouse control, and hand to eye co-ordination whilst playing various games and activities.


Aims and Activities

Playgroup helps the children in a number of ways.

  • To learn through play. Young children are naturally curious and enthusiastic learners, the playgroup aims to build on and extend this learning through a wide range of pleasurable, stimulating and challenging activities.
  • By giving children chance to play together and relate happily with other children and adults at their own pace.
  • By helping them to gain independence from home in a secure environment.
  • By developing self-confidence.
  • By teaching them to listen, and to follow verbal instructions.
  • By encouraging social habits.


    Our play equipment and activities are varied and planned to enable children to develop, and gain self-confidence and self-esteem. The children will be encouraged to exercise free choice in their play. These include painting and craft activities, paper and pencils, dough and clay, sand and water, dressing-up clothes and home corner, books and stories, songs and rhymes, music and dance, puzzles and games, construction material, and large equipment such balance beam, tunnels and tricycles etc.


    Role of Playgroup Manager and Staff

    • To maintain a happy and safe environment.
    • To encourage the children to be independent, developing self-confidence and self-esteem.
    • To organise activities which offer both security and challenges.
    • To present opportunities for meaningful communication with adults and other children.
    • To cater for individual needs and take an interest in all aspects of each child’s development.
    • To liaise with parents concerning the welfare of their children.
    • To liaise with the committee.


    Role of SENCO

    Natalie Hurst is the SENCO. A SENCO is a member of staff who co-ordinates equal opportunities for children with special needs. SENCO’s are not just involved with children with a disability. Some children need assistance and support during the first few weeks at playgroup. The SENCO is a vital link between parents and playgroup and can also help when a child is getting ready for Primary School.


    Role of the Committee

    The management committee of parent volunteers is legally responsible for the policies and finance, for all aspects of staffing and for the day to day running of the group. For example, the committee must (among other things): -


    • Have a Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer, and up to 9 other members.
    • Ensure that records and financial accounts are correct and kept up to date, subscriptions and insurance are paid and notes of decisions made at meetings recorded.
    • Manage the resources, systems and equipment of the Playgroup (eg. shopping, waiting list, maintenance of equipment etc). These are usually delegated to committee members, staff members or to other parents, but the committee as a whole remains responsible.
    • Actively encourage all parents to be involved, and keep them informed.
    • To provide funds for Playgroup through fund-raising activities.

    Behaviour Policy

    We manage children’s behaviour in a way which promotes their welfare and development. We aim to provide an environment that encourages good behaviour. Behavioural issues are recorded and the parent informed of the incident on the day.


    Procedure for Complaints

    We hope you will be happy with our practice, however if you do have an area of concern, please see the Playgroup Manager (Natalie) or Chairperson (Jo Smith).

    Written complaints can be sent to:

    Office for standards in Education (OFSTED)
    Midland Regional Centre
    Building c
    Cumberland Place Park Row


    NG1 6HJ

    Parent/Carer Rota

    Parents are invited to assist in Playgroup at least once per half term. A rota is given out to all parents, with the master copy placed on the notice board. If there are any particular problems or days which you find inconvenient, please find someone to swap with you and amend the master copy. We rely on your help, and will be short of helpers if you do not turn up for your “duty”. In cases of illness/emergency please let the supervisor know before the session starts, as cover will be needed. Parental help keeps our cost low.


    Provision of own Foods/Toys

    Milk, and or water and a snack are provided at each session, so you are asked not to bring sweets or crisps to Playgroup. There is a weekly menu displayed on our notice board. We do not encourage children to bring their own toys or comforters in case of loss or damage apart from on "Show and Tell" days (currently Mon, Wed & Fri mornings). Should your child bring any personal item/s in to Playgroup we take NO responsibility for any loss or damage to these items.


    How Parents Can Help

    • Show your interest in your child’s activities – ask them what they have been doing, what they have been playing with etc. Ask staff whether your child has enjoyed or achieved something. We operate a home-pre-school- diary scheme in which parents and key workers can communicate about a childs interests and achievements.
    • Show interest in all aspects of the Playgroup – it is managed voluntarily by parents, please join the committee or offer help with the running of the group. Support is a great morale booster.
    • Help organise our fund raising events. If you are unable to help, then please come along and attend the event. Playgroup relies on fundraising to purchase equipment for the children. Without this income, fees would most certainly rise.
    • Read the information folder and notice board; there may be an important notice or something of interest to you personally.
    • Please let us know if you have access to any unwanted materials (eg: foam, tubes, wool, paper etc. but not polystyrene.)
    • Clothing – please make sure your child’s clothes are suitable for Playgroup – please name coats, boots and jumpers etc and hang any spare clothes on a peg. We do sell T-Shirts (£4.50), Sunhat (£3.75) Sweatshirts (£7:50) and Bookbags (£5.00) with the playgroup logo on, these can be very useful and save good clothing from the paintbrush!
    • During the Summer months please ensure that you apply sun lotion and provide a hat for outdoor play activities.
    • During the winter months please ensure your child has a warm coat, hat and gloves, we like to encourage outdoor activities as much as possible.
    • Complete the Contact Us form with any comments you may have.

    Above all, remember the Playgroup helps you! If your child is happy, secure and at ease with others, you will benefit too.